Starting a group online is actually not that easy – We want to change that

We all have topics that really interest us – like REALLY interest us. We’ve spend countless hours in the evening watching Youtube videos about that topic. We have all the books, signed up for all the newsletters, we even still google that topic every other week.

So because we’re so interested in that topic, we want to talk with other people about it. So we head over to Facebook and Reddit and join dozens of groups. But we usually stay passive in those groups. There are dozens, sometimes even hundreds of members and most of them seem to know much more than we do. Plus some call questions from new members stupid or other rude things.

So we want something better than those giant forums and large groups. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a small online group of 4-5 people where you can have regular chats together, exchange your experiences and solve problems together? Great, but how do you find these groups? It takes a long time to find other people on forums or social media groups and when you finally do have a group, you’re not sure what to do in the beginning.

We’re two former roommates from university who have since then started and changed several careers, have lived in other countries, became interested in new hobbies, and have encountered many new life challenges. During all of this we have realized how much easier things can be when you deliberate in a group, when you have other people to ask questions and when you can solve problems together. But it was always not that easy for us to find groups of people with similar interests.

That’s why we’ve started a project to find out how to improve the process of starting and maintaining small groups online.

If you’re also interested in starting a small group, we want to help you, because helping you gives us more insight how to make this whole process easier.

So if you fill out the form below we will try to find a group of 3-4 likeminded people for you with whom you can have a great time while tackling a topic or a problem that really interests you.



Finding Groups